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The 2 Pizze oven from Alfa’s Futuro line stands out for its folded and entirely hand-crafted stainless steel arch that blends perfectly with the design of contemporary outdoor kitchens.

It reaches up to 500 °C in 30 minutes and cooks up to 2 pizzas in just 90 seconds.

The large glass door that characterizes the oven will help you keep an eye on the dishes you are cooking.

The Forno Futuro 2 Pizze oven is available with gas fuel supply, but you can choose to double your culinary possibilities by transforming it into a hybrid oven thanks to the Hybrid Kit by Alfa.

In fact, with the Hybrid kit you can transform your gas oven into a wood-burning oven and enjoy the delicate aroma that wood cooking gives to bread and roasts, or you can opt to use gas for more practical cooking of pizzas, desserts and vegetables.

Its large and semi-professional cooking chamber is ideal for organizing parties in the garden, managing to get everyone to eat in a short time.

Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Silver Black Hybrid

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